Twins Game

May 10, 2008

With family in town for Dayne's baptism, we decided to all hit the dome for a Minnesota Twins Baseball Game.

Greg flew in from Las Vegas later than expected that day, so Dayne and I stayed back to pick him up while the others headed down to the Metrodome. Then we joined the group...over 30 of us, family and friends.

It was a fun night out. Too bad the Boston Red Socks beat our MN Twins


Uncle "Dude" (Greg) with Dayne (he's there somewhere)

Greg meeting Dayne

Greg & Dayne at the Dome

Cousins Ellie & Don meet Dayne

Our crazy group

Grandma Jan and Chelsey snuggle Dayne

The boys watching the Twins Game

Taylor, Carson, and Riley

The Twins

Hi Logan

There were over 30 of us at the game

Hey Earl!

Molly and Aunie

Us again!

Aunie and Chelsey

take 2!

Ellie and Cami are you spilling on people down there?

Miss Taylor = Miss Baseball

Carson and Taylor


Chad at the Twins game

The Veire boys...and sister!

Into the game

Auntie Karen meeting Dayne

Aunie and Taylor

try that again

Veire boys

Veire MN Twins

Mommy and boys at the game

Family photo at the Dome

Carson and "Uncle Dude" at the dome