Swimming and Take Me Out To The Ball Game...part 2

August 6th Jeff and Cami, Chad, Chelsey and Molly came to the cities for a visit.

We spent a hot summer day at the pool along with Mike, Heidi, Austin and Jacob. 

That night we headed to the dome to watch the Twins beat the Red Socks!

Click on the photo for a larger view

Our little fish!

Miss Thing! Chelsey!

They even had a sandbox at the pool.

Jacob and Molly enjoyed the sand too!

Mike, Heidi and Austin on the tube

Veire's at the Dome

Take me out to the ballgame!

Waiting for the fun to begin!

Go Twins!

Cami and Chelsey

Miss Molly with her face paint

Carson wanted face paint too!

God dad Chad sharing a game with his little guy!

Thanks Chad for the big bat and Twins truck!

Twins WIN!

Happy Anniversary Jeff & Cami. 22 years!

Thanks for a fun time Veire's!