Star Wars Exhibit

Minnesota Science Museum July 2008




Sebulba's Pod Racer!

The Imperial Star Destroyer! One of Carson's favorites...

C3-PO and a Battle Droid... Carson really likes the Battle Droids... Roger! Roger!

One of Daddy's favorite ships... the Rebel Blockade Runner!

Carson listens intently about Han Solo and Chewbacca!

Carson continues his Star Wars education by learning about droids!


Another one of Carson's favorites... this is the Droideka or Destroyer Droid!

Darth Vader's helmet!

Darth aka Dark Vader...

Checking out all the lightsabers... or as Carson calls them: Lightsavers.

Carson is building how own robot and testing it on the track!

Carson and a big brown bear! (We are not in Star Wars the Exhibit anymore!)

Mr. Scientist is showing me what he just identified under the microscope!

Carson is working on a big puzzle of the Mississippi River basin in MN...


Here is Grand Rapids where he reminded me that he went kayaking there with Aunt Tracy!

Here is Carson piloting the Millenium Falcon to Light Speed!

Clone Troopers! Some of Carson's favorite Star Wars characters!

At the Special Effects movie!

Carson playing with fire... and some other things...

Ummm... who brought the kid with the ginormous head?

Making rainbows in soap... its not just for washing out mouths anymore!

Carson is working on charting out his career income... keep going up!

Carson and a dinosaur!

Someone lost a tooth...

Carson is using special glasses to see maps in 3D... thanks to Grandpa Carson, Carson now spends copious amounts of time... staring... at... maps.

Checking out Fluid Dynamics!

Carson is working on making a circuit...

Success! The light is on!

I feel sorry for the little people on this plane... they had quite a ride!