Spring Break 2009

We headed to Sioux Falls, SD during Carson's Spring Break week. While there uncle Jeff took Dayne's 1 year photo (not posted here) and some of Carson too. Then we went to Larchwood, Iowa to see the Jones Family and then to Ivanhoe for time with Grandma Jan.

WARNING: I let Carson have the camera for a while while at Grandma's house. He was snapping photos of everything! I actually edited out what I posted here, but left many as it's fun to see the world through his eyes! I remember getting a hold of a camera when little and shooting a roll of film - remember film - and processing and actually photos you held in your hand! It's much easier (and cheaper) to let a kid have a digital and go for it!


Visiting the Jones Family in Iowa

Raise your hand of these girls need a new baby to play with

Berglund Boys and Jones Girls

Kara and Macey wondering - 'why do boys act so weird?'

Kara & Macey Jones - too darn cute!

Dayne loved the baby dolls

On the way back to Sioux Falls from Iowa Carson felt his tooth was going to fall out so he is going to catch it

And it's outta there!

The Burrow - Chad's house in Brookings

The cool shower curtain Carson bought Chad

There's where we live

Chad's room

Chad making the boys lunch

Such a good host

Carson making a sign for all guests of The Burrow to see

art work on the fridge

In Ivanhoe - the next series of photos is Carson's attempt at photography

pictures of pictures became his next obsession

then he went outside

is this considered a self portrait if you take a photo of yourself?

The wall of Grandkids - grandma needs to rearrange to get Dayne's 1 year photo on there now

ah yes...the kid classic photo - a picture of something on tv

Chad and Dayne

Aww.. Grandma Buffy!

I grabbed the camera to capture the newly toothless smile

Carson back at it - seriously I edited these way down, but think some are funny and remember doing this back when I was little

Riley upside down

Taylor major CHEESE

self portrait

he got me

Mommy and Dayne

Carson's first Rosary - he bought it at the silent auction at church

On our way home - Dayne is sacked out!

Carson is crazy!