Sioux Falls Vacation

July 2008

This year we took a few days and had a mini vacation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

We found lovely accommodations at a swanky bed and breakfast (that also included some dinners!) The rooms was comfortable and decorated in a lovely "teenager" motif. All and all a great place...except for the wacky dreams! But I found the removal of the Native American "Dream Catcher" that was hanging all the wall must have been full, so upon it's removal I slept great! (All that to say THANKS FOR YOUR ROOM CHELSEY! We missed you while you were off twirling with The Colts!)

Seriously we had a great time! We arrived on Thursday just in time for dinner! Jeff and Cami are quite a team (they've had 25 years of marriage to perfect that) and had a delicious Kabob dinner on the grill! That night was spent enjoying a fire on the back patio. Good Time, great memories!

Friday I met up with a few Tastefully Simple "taste-buds" for a little meeting. Earl got us lunch...HyVee Chinese! Oh man it's the BEST! That afternoon Dayne and I went to Canton to visit Daneen and Grace and new baby Jewel. Thank you Dayne for the "music" on the way...the WHOLE way (and half the way home!) That evening we had dinner at another favorite spot TC's Referee. Oh baby the Cajun Chicken Linguini! I drive 5 hours just for a plate of that!

Saturday our family was shot! By Sioux Falls finest photographer at The Imagery! The boys did great and Earl and I found that silliness pays get some great smiles from a four month old baby boy! Carson was in search of his "perfect smile" and found it for many shots! Saturday night we attended the 15th Anniversary party for dear friends Art & Cassandra! What a beautiful night of great friends, conversation and reminiscing of the good old college days. We were go glad we could attend. Congrats on 15 years guys!

Sunday was an extra special day! After attending church at our old St. Michael's parish we headed for the Zoo. We were meeting up with Carson's birth mom Crystal and 7 year old Austin, Carson's half brother! This was the first visit we have had since Carson was born and we truly hope that we can see them again soon. It was a GREAT day and wonderful visit. Crystal and Austin had a special gift for Carson...a cat! A gray and white Webkinz cat! Carson's eye's lit up! He has wanted a Webkinz for so long and it is so very, very special that his first one and favorite one is from Crystal and Austin. He named her Marla...which is what he names most cats! His gift shop choice was also a Webkinz. A lab named Cal. Thanks for coming down to see us! We can't wait to see you again...SOON!!!!

Sunday night we had a great meal of Jeff Smoked BBQ was like Christmas dinner! We all missed having Chelsey around the table, but she will be back very soon. Molly...WE LOVE YOU and thank you for all your help with Dayne and "sleepovers" with Carson. spoil my kids and they LOVE YOU. Thanks for the fun on the slip and slide, trip to Chuck E. Cheese and thank Sara for helping set up Carson's Webkinz World! want PICTURES? all know me....long winded!

Chelsey's Fan Club!

Dayne on Chelsey's bed!

Hi Chelsey!

"Pebbles" with Dayne

Carson loved the hammock

Thanks Chad for the new Legos

Slumber parties always play games

Mall Madness

Grace Gannon...what a dolly!

Meet Miss Jewel Delia Lea Gannon

Dayne's got a hold of a new girl friend!


What a cute couple!

Miss Jewel

What a sweet peanut

Yummm....Sugar Fingers!

Dinner at TC's Referee

Grandma Jan came with too!

Oh YES baby! I drove 5 hours for THIS!

Chad got Dayne to sleep. He's going to be a GREAT day someday!

Home for dessert! Tiramisu from Spizia''s the best!

Nola with Dayne, Cass and Art

"Auntie" Nola meeting baby Dayne

Earl and Art playing in the yard

Kids pool party...Carson's in there somewhere!

Boys playing

Cassandra you look AMAZING! Way to go girl!

Well, HELLO Nola!

Hugs to friendship!


Me and Cass

We are so cute!

Earl...our faces please!

That's better!

Happy 15th Anniversary!

The gangs all here!

And the kids too!

Carson and Austin

Austin and Carson exploring the moving floor

Watch out for the Panada Bear!'s just a green screen trick!

Beep Beep Zoo Jeep!

Carson and Crystal watching the baby monkey

Austin and Carson by the turtles

Another shot by the turtles

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the Swans

More feeding of the ducks

Austin on a Gorilla!

Austin and Carson....pals!

They had so much fun digging in the sand

Baby Dayne enjoying a train ride

I love this photo! Austin, Carson and Crystal

They are so cute!

Hi Dayne!

The Giraffe is so regal!

Crazy for Webkinz!



We Love You!

Meet Marla and Cal

Auntie Cami with baby Dayne

Chad cudding Dayne