Rose Parade 2008

My nephew Chad is a Freshman at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD. This year the band was invited to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade. I have ALWAYS watched this parade and wanted to attend in live and what better opportunity to do that than when my nephew was in it!

I flew into Las Vegas on December 31st and met up with my brother Greg. Then we drove to California. At 7am we loaded a bus that took us to Pasadena for our grandstand view of the parade. We were near the end...miles and miles away from tv cameras, so you didn't see me...but you did see Chad. What an AMAZING thing to see in my life. The floats were beautiful, but passed far too quickly. And I would have thought I could smell the flowers, but we couldn't. I wish we could have seen them up close after the parade, and you can, but our group was bussed back to the hotel.

After a few days in California Greg and I were joined by mom for the trip back to Las Vegas before I flew home.

NY NY Las Vegas

I Love NY

Ticket to watch the parade in the Grandstand

It's mighty early for Greg, but he's excited!

People sleep on the street for a spot to watch the parade


They look like homeless but they aren't. Just parade crazies!

Colorado Blvd

Our section of the grandstand. Greg and I were seperated from the rest of the SDSU fan club.

Here comes the parade

Here is SDSU

There's Chad!

Second in from the right is Chad

Jan's Towing! Just in case the floats need help

Hi Family still in the stands

Molly and Chelsey ready for Dinner on the Queen Mary

The girls with Grandma

Proud Aunie with Chad

While the rest of the family was at a fancy dinner Greg and I went to our cousin Brad's and played Guitar Hero

Ellie beat me

Ellie taking on Don

Greg taking on Megan. She rocks!

Chad and Greg resting with mom

At Sea World ready to ride

Me with Chelsey

Molly wanted to sit with me so she is sad



Me with Miss Molly!

Mom you didn't die on this ride!

Earl want that snowmobile?

Polar Bear

Pennies in the ice. Hi Grandpa!

Cave dwellers

Chug it Grandma

Ready for a show

feeding something

Cute Shamu dessert


Greg and Chad found Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

Chelsey and Greg at the SanDiego Pier

Chelsey, who you talking to?

Greg with Molly

Aunie with Chelsey

Oh no! It's contaminated

Comfy Cami?

Greg chillin

Chelsey falling in love with hammocks

Chad and Greg

Veire Kids

Cheers to a great trip!

The Michelle's of MN in CA...Guza and Veire together again!

We drove the parade route 2 days later. They were taking down grandstands

Greg and Jodi

Mom ready to play BINGO

It this how you do it?



The new hotel in Las Vegas (can't remember the name)

At the Belliago

Carson Street in LV

Leaving Las Vegas

Home to Carson and his requested treat...a dice sucker! and Grandma sent a drum!