Riley 1st Communion

We made the trip to Ivanhoe for Riley's First Holy Communion. God Bless Riley! We also celebrated Taylor's 10th Birthday and Riley's 8th Birthday. At the end you will notice pictures you think you have see before.....Time for another confession. I take photos with 2 cameras. Often of the same thing/time/photo session. So they are similar, but not the same. Confused? So am I! Enjoy them anyway!


Grandma Jan with her youngest grandbabies

bath time

Snuggles with daddy

Chelsey you are so pretty today (getting ready for prom!)

Look at her pretty hair

Chelsey and Molly with Dayne

Aunt Cami with baby Dayne

My Home Ed teacher, Mrs. K meeting Dayne

Cousins on baby watch!

Aunt Heidi rocking baby Dayne

Mommy and the boys cuddling

Riley coming into church

Placing his candle on the alter

Riley doing the reading

Riley receiving his First Communion

God Bless Riley

Grandma Jan with Riley

Uncle Jeff with Dayne

Chelsey cuddling Dayne

She loves the cuddle!

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happy Birthday Riley (8 on the 8th)

Grandma Jan gets some Dayne cuddles

Riley with Dayne

Logan with Dayne

Sherry holding Dayne

Dayne in his new blanket "Aunt" Ann made for him