Preschool Graduation 2007

Carson is a preschool graduate! Today was his ceremony.

When we arrived we were greeted by Carson and his friend Madison who were chosen to hand out programs.

"Would you like my program" so cute! What an honor!

The children than left the room to march in wearing their graduation caps - no pomp and circumstance, but it was still a processional!

The children than performed 5 songs most with actions!

Next came the announcement of graduates. When their name was called the child crossed the bridge from preschool to the real world...kindergarten! They were told to stop at the top and smile for a photo. Carson worked that bridge like it was the red carpet in Hollywood!

He had FANTASTIC teachers and is very excited to be heading off to Kindergarten in September.


Last day on the way to preschool

Daddy drew a graduate

Passing out the programs

Singing and dancing

Stepping up on the bridge

Stop for a pose

and again

still posing

yep, some more

making his way down

Class photo

Daddy and Carson

Carson and Mommy

Family photo

Ms. Joni, Carson, Ms. Chris


A gift for graduation