Polish Days 2006

Three fun filled days in Ivanhoe Minnesota!

The fun began with most everyone arriving on Friday. While some headed up to watch the Miss Ivanhoe program, others headed down to the ball park in search of $1 tap beer. They found the beer!

10:00am: Saturday morning, all dressed in Veire Green we headed out in town to partake of the events. First stop was the high school field for the kiddie relay races. This is were the reporter from the Marshall independent found us in our shirts and began her interviews on the Family Reunion traditions of Polish Days.

11:20am: Our next stop was Polska Kielbasa Park (little ball diamond) to cheer on the Veire Softball Team! Unfortunately the game was lost, but redemption opportunity would present it's self at the 4:20 game!

12:30pm: We meet up with Grandma who has been serving at the Hospital Auxiliary Polish Food Festival and join her for lunch at the VFW.

1:30pm: Various activity fills the afternoon hours. The photos below tell the story.

4:20pm: Hoping for Veire Victory we head to the ballpark. The boys give it their all, but can't secure the win. It sure was fun to watch and cheer them on! Next year!

DINNER TIME: Mom's famous Lasagna! Is there more garlic bread? Really? It's gone? Oh wait a miracle...the loaves have multiplied!

As dusk approaches we get ready to head down to the ball park to watch the Firework display. But the rain storm arrives first, keeping us in the house watching videos of Polish Days of the past!

SUNDAY Morning....time to make the Parade Float....wait...what? The float is done?! WOW, a Veire first! Way to go Float Crew...Scott, Tami, Logan, Taylor, Riley, Grandma K, Grandma V, Greg K., Karol, Taylor and Alex!

The rain held off during the parade and our ship didn't sink!

The only thing left to do is eat a "Polish Taco" and pack up for home!

Family & Fun! Thanks for the Memories!


On your mark...set set...GO!

Carson (cheating) in the lead



Mike at bat

That's 2nd base and Greg catching his breath!

Hit it Chad!

Molly and her friend Allie with Carson, Earl and Grandma eating the Polish Food


Afternoon splash at the pool

Chad and his buddies passing the afternoon with a card game

Relaxing while Grandma shares travel stories are Earl, Chris (Larisa's brother) and Kari (Larisa's friend)

Jeff, checking out the weather forcast

Chelsey and her boyfriend Dustin catching a nap

Happy Birthday Cami

The Fans in the Stands! Go Veire's!

Grandma gets VERY excited during the games

When I don't have the camera I'm behind the video!

Veire Softball Team. Back row: Tom, Mike, Chris, Jerry, Tommy, Dewey, Greg

Front row: Charles, Chad, Ben, Greg, John

Team with Coach Cami!

Eat At Earl's (sunday morning breakfast)

Earl rocked the morning making homemade hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and toast!

Grandma K working costume design for the parade participates

Nice beard Logan!

Treasure Awaits At Veire's

Watching the parade....wait...is that Scott? Yes it is! He got to break away from the store to see a Polish Day Parade!

Waiting to watch our ship come in!

Here it comes!

The S.S. Pepperoni

Pirate Chelsey

Pirate Riley

Waiting in line for Polish Tacos

Grandma working her shift at the Taco stand

Enjoying the last tradition of the Polish Day weekend