Polish Days

It's an Ivanhoe tradition - Polish Days the second weekend of August.

Chad and his friends represented Veire's with a soft ball team. They got to play 2 games that were fun to watch.

Check out the photos:


Grandma and the gang

Making the traditions caramel rice krispie bars

Are there going to be caramels left?

lots of helpers

comfy Carson?

Slumber party!

Chad at bat

That's Carson crab crawling

and running

Kiddie races

relay race...hand under leg and touching nose. A very short distance for Carson!

water balloon toss with Alivia

here is comes Cars


On to the kiddie tractor pull

keep the peddles moving

a little more!

Yeah...a coke and a ribbon

Yum, Turkey!

Veire ball team fans

Veire dug out

Play ball

Go Veire's!

Is that the second string?

Team Veire

Carson flying off the slide at "Mike's" pool

Great fun!

Thanks for the pool Grandma Jan

Riley diving in!

Kia and Chelsey cheesing

Kia Chelsey...hi Mike

Waiting for the parade

Miss Ivanhoe and her girls on the Polish Sausage Float

Yes, the sausage is waving

Chad and the big boys fighting for parade candy

Who are those masked beauties?

Rost Farms

Here comes the Veire float

On their way down the street

Candy! I want Candy!

Scott and Mom driving through the parade

Veire's 40 years in Ivanhoe!

Chad and the boys with their pockets full of Candy

Grandma and her 9 Grandkids

Jeff, Mom, Scott

Mike, Michelle, Greg