MN State Fair 2007

We LOVE the Minnesota State Fair.

Each year we take the bus. This year we went on a Wednesday, it was a beautiful day, the crowd was managable and Grandma Jan came too! My cousin Connie's, daughter Jennifer's, daughter Lexy (did you follow that!) was performing in the Talent Contest. Lexy is 10 years old and has an AWESOME voice! Check out the photos to see how she did.

We now present our photo tour of fair food 2007!

Carson up high to check out the birthing pig

Grandma Jan working her way to a better look of pigs being born


Cotton the Lamb


New baby chicks

Mom enjoying her first Australian Potato

The first Corn Dog of the day...he ate 2 Pronto Pups later!

Yes! Australian Potato

Yum, we wait all year for these

Hi to our Aussie Friends!


Now with the news...

Oh what a cute co-anchor

Grandma you can buy that slot and bring it home!

We found Austin, Jacob, Mike and Heidi at the fair too!

Timber Show

Log rolling

Daddy showing Carson computers at the 4H building

Another computer game at the 4H building

View from the Space Needle Ride

Downtown from up high

Mr. E at Mr. E's Drink Time

Yes, this is what Earl came for. A Fudge Puppie!

Mom trying her first fudge puppie

Catch the shot, it's almost gone! I'm Belgium, it's my duty to eat this! Belgium waffle on a stick, dipped in NY Chocolate and topped w/whipped cream

Next...Cheese Curds

Cotton Candy!

WINE! They have Rhubarb WINE!

More Cotton Candy!

WOW, How many pies could we make?

Princess Kay of the Milkey Way Butter Heads

Tom Turkey

Lexy getting ready to perform her vocal solo

She WON! On to the finals!

My mom (in yellow) here with her 4 nieces, 2 nephews, 2 great nephews, 1 great niece,1 great great niece, 1 daughter and 1 grandson!

Pork Chop on a Stick!

Kettle Corn

Last Harrah! The Giant Slide. Mommy and Carson enjoyed the ride