MN State Fair 2006

We made our annual trip to the MN State Fair in August.

It's a great tour of all our favorite food items!

We spend a lot of money and a lot of calories...all worth every bite and cent!

Our first stop, my favorite, Australian Potatoes!

The Classic Corn Dog

Stop off for some delightful entertainment...Tonic Sol-Fa

Carson and I took the ride high above the fair grounds

In front of the big Train! No worries it's not moving, it's now a museum

A Cup of Cookies

The Wild have a new player

make that two new players

Carson & Mommy on the GIANT slide


We took this picture for Grandpa Carson. MN DNR

100 degrees and we are thinking snowmobiling!

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Myer weiner

Annual HUGH CROWD photo!

Cool off with some ice cream

Yes, Ladies and Gentelmen, that is Hotdish on a Stick with Cream of Mushroom sauce on the side. Not so delicious.