Mississippi Headwaters

On our way to Itasca State Park we attended Rich's retirement party and Carson met new cousins! He had great fun, photos below.

I've always thought it would be fun to walk across the Mississippi river and that is possible at the headwaters of the mighty river so we were headed North. Along the way we had no real plans except to experience whatever there was along the way. We had lunch Sunday noon at a downtown cafe. Great roast beef dinner. Only regret is we should have had the pie! Then we stumbled upon a cute farm full of fun shops. Our next adventure was at World of Christmas and Carson quickly found the train ride! All this PLUS the Mississippi. After that a couple of days in Grand Rapids before heading home.

Kids at the lake

"New" cousins (first time meeting) Carson and Hayden

Biker Carson



So much fun!

Wasn't that great?!

Let's do it again!

Nice sunset shot Miss Molly


Chelsey and Carson kissing cousins!

Molly and Carson in the loft at the cabin

We found a train!


And another train!

This one we can ride

Mommy too (and daddy behind us!)

Grandpa Carson this is Poison Ivy...don't touch!

At the Mississippi!

You are here

It takes a journey!

Where's the water?

Here it is!

Here we go

on our way back

the water was warm

Carson wanted cross again over this log

and back

walking along the river

Carson took this of mommy and daddy! Great job!!

Mommy and Carson (it was a windy day so shows my hair!)

Daddy and Carson by the Mississippi

Carson sitting in the roots of a big tree that blew over!

C looks so big (older) in this picture! We're the baby boy?!

Director Carson told me to take this photo of him and Kitters

C loves to ride bike at Grandma and Grandpa's. He wears Grandma's horse riding helmet!

Our first baby Cyber

The Carson's riding around the garage.