Metrodome Tour

June 27, 2007

Chad ~ the biggest MN Sports fan I know ~ is here for a visit. I had the idea to check to see if the Metrodome did tours. I found that they do! Cool. And for only 3 bucks! We were excited. So I loaded Carson, Chad, Jacob and Austin in the car and off we went.


Check out the pictures for details of all we got to see.

The boys outside the dome

Ready to tour

Go Twins!

Tour information

On the way to a Luxury Suite

The view from a Luxury Suite

Oh if we could watch a game from this seat!

Front row Luxury box!

View from the box

This is cool

Little Twins fan

Wall of Fame

The boys with a view

They were having a blast

Press Box!

Don't they look like they could work here reporting on the game?

This room is the scoreboard control room

The Press!

View from the Press Box

Press Box

Listen to John our Awesome Tour Guide

Carson & Mommy

Thanks for bringing us to the dome Momma

Austin & Jacob OUR MN Twins!

Chad at the Dome

This the the secret stairway from the Press Box to the Locker Rooms

Visiting Baseball Players Locker Room

This way to the Twins Locker Room

The Twins Office is run from the dome.

The very stairs the Twins take to the field

John was an Great Tour Guide

42 Strairs. Ken Griffy Jr. and another player challenged each other to go up taking the least amount of steps. Ken did it in 7 steps!

On the field...this is So Cool!

Sitting in the Twins dugout!

That's a long bench! (Twins have padded seats...visiting team does not!)

Touching the Turf

Close up of the turf. The light flecks are small pieces of ground up rubber to keep the field soft and filled in.

Ground level shot of the out field toward home plate

Angels in the Outfield!

Running to the wall

Catch it Chad

Who has it?

Run the ball in

Carson by the wall

Chad by the hall to the Vikings Locker Room

Control room

Gopher's Locker room

The Gopher Locker room is used by the Twins Players as a playroom for the players kids

Go Minnesota Twins!

On our way out!

John opened the doors so the boys could feel the force of air pressure that the dome has to keep the room up.

This the entrance the players use when the arrive at the dome

Outside, dome behind

Another shot of the boys outside the dome

Different angle

Great Tour at the Metrodome!