Meeting Dayne

Dayne was born on Wednesday night, March 19th. We had a pre-schedule, pre-birth meeting set up with Carrie and Ed for Thursday March 20th, but a little someone wanted to join that meeting and so our pre-birth meeting turned into a post birth meeting!

We arrived in Montevideo and met up with my mom and nephew Chad. They took Carson and shopped and ate and waited! At 1pm we went to the hospital and met Carrie and Ed and their baby boy.

And there he was! A most precious and perfect child. We held him and spent the next few hours getting to know his mom and his dad. We so enjoyed meeting Carrie and Ed and learning about them. Dayne is a part of each of them and it's a gift to know them. The time was way to short to learn all we will ever want to know about each other. We really hope and long for more time to learn more about them. Dayne is so blessed because they love him. And we are so honored and so very grateful that they shared him with us.  Love multiplied...not divided!

We also had the honor of meeting Carrie's family and we look forward to spending time getting to know them more in the future as well.

Dayne's first days.......