Las Vegas - Day Six

Monday April 2, 2007

Do you have to go home? I miss Carson and Earl, but can't they join us out here? I'm not ready to leave!

We spent the day by the pool at MGM, did some last minute shopping at M&M World and then lunched at the Hilton before Greg dropped us off at the airport.

Las Vegas is FABULOUS. We had THE BEST time and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Pool side

Look at those bathing beauties


Carson loved them in Disney World so this was for my little C!

The center lobby

This was the center lobby on our hotel floor.

I thought is was cool. I don't get out much!


Yep, another picture of NY NY

Greg, Mom and Ellie

Me in NY

The next best thing to Manhattan!

M&M World

My Miss Liberty

just one more of my New York gal

MGM Lion's big from this close

Mom & Greg

Mom saying good bye to Greg.

It was a good 2 month stay.

Greg in the Grass

Greg misses grass in LV. When he saw this patch he kicked his shoes right off to walk in it.


Ellie loves pansies

Mom & Ellie

What beauties!

For Ellie!

Up close!

How pretty

Pink Rose


On the way to the Hilton you drive along side the Monorail.

For Carson


Earl and I ate here like 11 years ago. We were driving by and it felt familiar and I spoted it! How funny!

Hard Rock


Carson's one request was a dice sucker!

I found it!

HUGE Thanks to Grandma Judy and Grandpa Carson and all the Up North Crew for taking such great care of Carson while I went on vacation.

Thanks to Earl for letting me some (not Earl) thought I was a bit coo-coo for going to LV to play Bunco! :)

Want to join us? We WILL be there again next year!