Las Vegas - Day Four

March 31, 2007


Ok, so the whole reason I flew out to Las Vegas was to play BUNCO!

I play once a month with a group of Stay At Home Moms and I love it, so when I heard about the Bunco World Championship I wanted in...and what a bonus that it's held in Las Vegas! I registered online and knowing mom was going to be in LV I registered her too. I told my cousin Beth about it and she registered to play as well. All three of us had seats to play! Then Beth's mom Ellie decided to join us too! Yeah! She was on the wait list so we had to try and get her a seat to play when we got there!

Over 1000 people played. We were first divided into 3 heats. Each heat had a theme and we were encouraged to dress in the theme and there would be a costume contest. Our heat was Star Spangled Bunco! I knew right away I was going to be the Statue of Liberty and my torch would be a Bunco die! Check out the photos below of my FIRST PLACE costume!

Click on the picture to enlarge

Miss Liberty of Bunco

Raise that Die Torch! My tablet was a Bunco score sheet!

The head table

There were 28 groups playing with 12 players in each group. These 3 tables were the stage team and their head table lead the pace of the game

Hi Mom!

Mom getting ready to play!

Bunco Beth!

Beth waiting to roll those dice!

Let's Rock and Roll

Let the Good Times Roll


Ellie got a seat to play...we were so excited!

The Tournament Bracket

1000 people started

The final 4 would play for 1 winner!


This Rocky, the crown keeper.

He carried the crown in on it's pillow and held up numbers for the round we were rolling

The Crown

There sits MY crown on it's perch

Bunco Babes!

The Buffington Bunco Babes from MN had a blast!

Yes, I did win FIRST PLACE in the costume contest...well, there was a tie for for first place! Me the Statue of Liberty vs. Wonder Woman. We had to have roll off to see who got the prize. She won! But the prize was an ugly jacket so I'm the true winner because I didn't have pack that jacket and haul it home! (no, I'm not bitter!) Honestly if it had been people's choice I would have been the true winner as I received so many complements on my costume. Am I bragging? Yes, I am...opps, sorry!

Ok, so none of us won our group to move on to the Semi Finals, but there is still a chance to get a seat by random draw so we will be back tomorrow! Check out Las Vegas - Day Five for's exciting!

After playing we were starving so we headed to Ellis Island for their famous Steak dinner for $4.95. It was excellent. Following lunch we split up a bit. Ellie and Beth checked out some casinos, Greg had to head off to work and Mom and I went to Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Las Vegas...yes, a church right on the strip!

That night Greg got us tickets for KA a show at the MGM. It was AWESOME! On the way to the theater I had my best luck of all in Las Vegas when I found a $100 bill on the floor. WOW!