Las Vegas - Day Five

April 1, 2007

BUNCO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DAY (yes there are pictures at the end...but read along first!)

Today is the second and last day of the Bunco World Championship. Even though none of us won our group during our heat there was a chance our name could be randomly drawn to play.

Those that advanced from the preliminary around were gathered to play in the Semi-finals. There were a few names draw at random to play...none of us...we watched. 11 people from this round would moved on to the Finals to be played after a lunch break.

We went and had lunch. Upon our return we waited in line to have our cook books signed by Celebrity Host Sandra Lee host of the Food Network show Semi Homemade. She is as sweet in person as she is on TV.

After the break we were gathered to do the opening for the TV special....YES...This tournament will air on TELEVISION! But hang on I'll fill you in on the details. So Mom and Ellie and I were near the front of the pack. Beth was down in the casino winning $50 on a machine and Greg was making his way to join us. So we rush in and get seats to watch the finals. Beth and Greg found us and joined in the crazy fun as cheerleaders (yes, I said cheerleaders) riled the group up to generate some excitement.

It was time to for the finals to get started....but there were 11 players and an open seat. Ahhh...a name would be drawn from all those who had participated in the could be any of us! They picked a name.....but she was not there! So they drew another name...BETH JOHNSON...YES...OUR BETH! OH MY GOSH! Beth's name was drawn to play in the FINALS.

The dice started rolling and after 18 rounds (3 games) Beth's score sheet did not advance her to the Championship...the player with the most wins moved on and the player with the most Bunco's moved on. But wait...that left 2 seats in the final four. So there would be two more drawings. The first drawing would be those 10 that did not advance from the finals. And the name drawn was...BETH JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES...AGAIN!!!!!!

Can you even believe this?!?!? One more name was drawn from all participates...we hoped to hear Ellie, Jan or Michelle...but we did not! Oh well...Beth would have to win it all!

Time to roll...the winner would be the first player to roll a Bunco of 3 ones...all three dice rolled would have to be 1. Beth rolled two dice with 1 and the third die with another number at least 5 times. It felt like they went around that table 50 times! But alas...Stephanie rolled the Bunco and took home MY crown and Beth's $50,000 cash prize!

But what an exciting day! What did Beth get for being a finalist you may ask...the opportunity to play! And a fuzzy die she asked if she could take home! Hmmmm.....

Immediately following the final roll we had to whisk Beth to the airport as she had a plane to catch. We then checked into the MGM Hotel and Greg went to work. We met him at his bar and enjoyed a couple cocktails that went straight to our head! Upon realizing we hadn't eaten too much we went for the BEST Chinese food ever (so they tell me!) It was a great day!


Waiting for the finals to begin

Sandra Lee & Rocky

Sandra & Rocky admiring MY Crown


Rocky what round is it?

Teri & Me

This is Teri. She was the marshall (refree) of my group during play. She is so sweet. She is an actress. Soon to be appearing in Oceans 13.

Mom & David

This was Mom's marshall David. He is also an actor. He's been in several episodes of CSI

Ellie & Sandra

Me & Sandra

Mom & Sandra


Thunder sticks roaring...Let's Roll!


This was when Beth's name was called and she made her way up on stage to play.

Roll Beth Roll

Beth's hand on the big screen rolling

Action Shot

See the camera guy watching Beth?

More shots

Camera's everwhere


This was the SECOND time Beth's name was called to play in the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Mic up

Beth was getting a mic put on and interviewed

This is IT

Oh my gosh just writting this brings me right back to the intense moment of these final rolls


Stephanie won.


Thanks for all the FUN & EXCITEMENT!

Final Four

Stephanie wearing MY Crown!

Howie Mandel?

Is that you?

Dave & Greg

Working the Crazy Horse Bar at MGM

What's in this!

Yumm...Mommy likes!


Cheers to a great day!

We missed you Beth!

Wish you could have stayed!


The BEST ever!

Chopsticks anyone?


Even tipsy I can eat with chopsticks

(ignore the band at the end of the sticks!)

The View at Night

The MGM Green Glow of our window


If I sat in the window I had a New York view from our MGM window. Just what I always wanted!


Ok, if you kept up with me all the way to the end of this I will reveal the Television airing information.

Most people ask if it will be on ESPN...No, but in fact the BUNCO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP roll did make it on ESPN Top 10 Play of the Day. So there!

  Everything can change with a roll of the dice. Don't miss a thing and see who's tops in your favorite game. Catch the Bunco World Championship on May 11 at 11 pm et/pt on Lifetime!

It will be re-broadcast, Sunday morning...Mother's Day, May 13th.