Kindergarten Kid

Here it is! The big event. Carson started school.

On Tuesday, September 4th Carson has Kindergarten Orientation. He got to meet his teacher and check out his room. The next day class would begin.

Wednesday, September 5th. We started outside about 10:40am to take some pictures and work our way down to the bus stop for the 11:12 pick up. We got to the stop about 11, just to be ready. At 11:25 the bus hadn't arrived and with school to start at 11:30 we made the decision for mommy to drive Carson to school (found out bus was over a half hour late!). He was bummed. He had really overcome his fear of riding the bus and was brave and ready to go! He did get to ride the bus home at the end of the day and loved it.

Thursday, September 6th. The bus came today! Yeah and he rode it to school and home again. School is great.

Oh, and I know you are all wondering if I cried. You betcha! The whole drive home. It was a combo cry...frustrated at the late bus and the realization that my baby is old enough for all this!

I've been Carson's own paparazzi for 3 days now. Also with a camera in hand and around my neck...not to mention the camcorder on the tripod! I know! I know...I'm one of THOSE moms! But when I'm old and senile I want to remember this time.

Walking into school

The Classroom

Meeting Mrs. Ryan. Notice the apple he brought for her.

hanging up the back pack

Finding his cubbie

This is his table spot

Filling his pencil bag with supplies

By his coat hook

Carson's Car

Mrs. Ryan's class


Media room

Music Room

Outside the front door

Testing out a bus

sitting on the bus

Practicing how he will come out the bus

Albertville Primary Student

1st Day of School - out the door!

Here I go mom

Making a K with his fingers

Stepping into the big world

back of back pack

Waiting for the bus that never came! (it might have, but we left for school)

Walking to this class

He's home!

Bus tag that lead him home

Carson with Daddy

My boys!

Let's try this again! Waiting for the bus to pick him up for school

Yes, I tried to get a video of him getting on the bus!


It's here!

That's Lynn

Bye mom!

There he goes!

And then home again!