Kindergarten Class Play

May 2008

Carson's Kindergarten class put on a play.

Carson was the storyteller for The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Mrs. Ryan told the class the story and Carson just memorized it from there. We didn't work on it at home at all! During the performance he told the story while the children acted it out.

He wore his handsome dress shirt and tie and was told so many times that day... and in a cute side note...while getting ready for school the next day he said "Today I'll be just lesser handsomer" which his dad replied "not possible!" He's so handsome no matter what he wears!


Here is the video of his theatrical debuted on YOU TUBE....


The stories being told

Cookies and Juice after the play

Mrs. Ryan presenting the slideshow of the year

Carson with Mrs. Ryan...she is the BEST!

How cute is he?!

So handsome!