June Fun in the Sun


We've used our back yard more in the past week than the 5 years we've lived here!

We are planning to build a deck, we got a new "playground", and we are on the second pool of the summer!

We bought this "water park" it looks like it might be fun - but it's aggervating!

Dayne's inspecting the pool - from afar

The weight of the water pulled the arch over - frustrating!


Fun for one kid - until the slide got a hole

Carson lost his 4th tooth - and happened to have a dentist appointment that day - he was excited to show the dentist

Cool dude!

Nothing like a drink from the hose - yuck!

Dayne was watching Carson and the other big kids playing outside

Dayne is pushing vehicals - it's so cute

He likes to look pretty

New Pool (took the other one back!)

The water was cold - so they played 'around' it instead of in it

Dayne trying to get his hat off - but it's great shade so he has to keep it on

what a little model

goof ball - but boy, can you see that missing tooth

Daddy came home from work to the pool fun

They love the new swing

Next Day - water is warm - time to get IN

What a dolly!