Jones Visit 2007

Every summer the Jones family of Larchwood, IA visits us. We love their annual visit!

Kara and Carson are only 4 months apart so they have great fun. Miss Macey is now one year old so we got to get out the child fence and highchair and put them into use (I don't want to put them away now!)

We spent Saturday shopping at IKEA (I forgot to get any pictures there) and then off to the Mall of America. Sunday the kids took their annual dip in the pool before we went off to lunch at Space Aliens (thanks for lunch Curt and Nola, you didn't have to fund my Giant Baked Potato addiction!)

Daddy's and kids in TROUBLE

Send their peg home Carson

Kara and her new pricess nails!

Thomas face paint from MOA

Carson loves the LEGO store. He can put these sets together himself

He loves to play at LEGO land

Kara loves when Earl makes letter cakes

C for Carson who is 5 years old

Macey and Kara waiting for breakfast

Kara adorned her K cake with bacon!

Into the pool

Splish Splash

Bathing beauty Kara

Curt and Kara

Miss Macey

Eeek Aliens!

Oh, it's just Carson and Kara!

So sweet!


Come out and eat Alien Carson

Told you those tators were good Nola!

What do you think Macers?


C is going to be such a great big brother!

Time to go! Come back soon!!!

Drive careful warning is enough. Trooper Jones will keep you in check!