Jones Family Visit

July15-17, 2005

We LOVE visitors! Congratulations to the Jones Family for being the first friends to come for a visit!

We expect more to make it up SOON!

It was great fun. We spent a great day at Mall of America taking in a great lunch, Underwater World, Camp Snoopy, and of course a little shopping! Then we came back home for some great grilling...YES Curt ate the steak...see the photo! We continued the evening with swimming in the back yard for the kids....and daddy's. The evening could have only been better if it had been topped off with fireworks! Maybe next time!

Click on the photo for a larger view

Kara & Carson getting ready for bed

Buckled in for the trip to MOA

Curt, Kara, Nola lunching

So sweet! We were messing with the camera so it's a bit blurry but so cute!

Yes, we have matching strollers!

Look at those turtles! At Underwater World.

Sharks overhead!

Fish Kiss!

Petting the sting rays and baby shark

I LOVE this picture! Off to the next ride at Camp Snoopy

Hey Kara, want to ride MY train! We can't leave Camp Snoopy without a train ride.

The Daddys got to have lots of rides with the kids!

Frog hopper! So much fun!

Curt proudly displaying what is left of his T-bone steak!

Pool time!

Are those the lifeguards?

Protect your beer incase it falls in the pool

Thanks for visiting us Kara!

If you come and visit we will make your name with pancakes too!