Halloween Continued

Earl's new job, United Health Group, hosts a family fun event. The employees are encouraged to decorate for Halloween and the families and children come dressed in costume and Trick or Treat at each cubicle. Carson's bag was OVERFLOWING with candy...to the point he stopped taking it...and he really only took ONE piece from each bowl. Fun event!

Then of course there is the BIG NIGHT to Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. It was REALLY cold on the 31st so I took Carson up and down our block. Then we jumped in the car to visit Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike and cousins Austin and Jacob. It was a Spooktacular evening (even if mommy did turn another year older...35!)


Candy laid out for the taking!

Why bother with a bowl? Just pull out a drawer!

or use a hat!

stop off at daddy's desk

Fishing for prizes at Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob

Back at daddy's desk to sort thru treats

Carson took these pictures of mommy carving pumpkins

Carson doesn't like the way pumpkins smell when cut open so this is close enough for him!

Our house Halloween night

Jack 1 & 2

Trick or Treating at the cousins