Halloween at Preschool 2006

So, Carson decided this year he would give Thomas a rest from Halloween. This year he wanted to be a Cowboy and he wanted daddy to make him a horse out of a box (same way he made Thomas).

Mommy helped with the horse (the panty hose stuffed legs were my idea) and Earl did the detail work. We think "Dandy" turned out just dandy!

Here are the pictures from the Halloween party at Preschool

Ok, not Halloween, but so cute!

bubble boy!

Cowboy Carson and Dandy

Happy Trails!

Preschool fun!

Mommy sitting with C in circle time

Playing games

Pumpkin toss

Pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern

Art work

Drawing a ghost

Getting face paint

Class photo

Lined up to Trick or Treat in the building

Trick or Treat

Snack Time!

Carson with June Cleaver (mommy)

Cowboy and daddy (as daddy)