Halloween 2008

Dayne's first Halloween! How fun! For the past few years we have made Carson a costume using a box - a Tastefully Simple shipping box!

It's kind of fun to try and come up with ideas - he's been Thomas the Train (twice), a cowboy riding a horse, and a Lego. This year while searching for a costume idea (I love to google) I found a fun one that the boys could each be and so for Halloween 2008 we present


Doggy Dayne and Cat Carson!

If you recall last years (as a lego) Carson won the Costume contest at the Mall of America and the $100 gift card prize to go with it! So we went back to defend the title! The boys were in fact the WINNNERS First Prize Most Creative, but there was not a finals round so Carson was quite bummed at the lack of a grand prize - he was already spending $100 at the Lego store in his mind! Oh well, it was still fun and they still won!

Here are some more photos from Halloween


Doggy Dayne

Pick of the Litter

Carson, Austin and Jacob got a treat from Grandma Jan at the Lego Store

What a cute puppy


Cat Carson

He looks like a little French boy!

This was at Baby and Me class - Dayne's "school"

I know you can't tell... but the Brothers were watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" a Halloween tradition

Me and my babes at the MOMS Club Halloween Party

Getting ready for Trick or Treat

Dayne looks so thrilled!

Dayne is wondering why Carson is so excited

Sweet puppy and kitty!

Mommy with the boys

Daddy with the boys

All decorated for Trick or Treaters

Are all pumpkins this big?

Frank - with us for yet another Halloween

Carson got to go out for Treats with Daddy and Dayne sat by the door giving out bags of chips

Carson's load of treats!

Dayne has no idea the goodness before him

Carson will share

First treat - a sucker

Oh... yummy!

Hmmm... I like!

Earl's costume for the Halloween party - Go Ceilings! Woo! All the way this year! (do you get it?)

Judy, Tracy and Liddy decorated the shop oh so cute!

Fun costumes