First Lost Tooth January 2008

Carson came to me and said "Mommy, my tooth is loose" and when he wiggled it I was shocked as it was about to fall out and this was the first he mentioned it. So I quick grabbed my camera to get the last shot of his baby teeth smile and less than 5 minutes later it was gone!

Now, I've heard that the tooth fairy really seeks out that first tooth lost and it's extra special. Sure enough Carson put that tooth under this pillow and the tooth fairy left him $5. FIVE DOLLARS! for one tooth. WOW!

The tooth next to the lost one is loose too and the next day Carson asked for an apple and was trying really hard to bite into it. I was suspicious of what he was up to so I said "Are you eating that apple to loose another tooth to get more money?" and he looked at me and seriously asked "How did you know that?" I said "I'm a mom. We know everything" then we had the talk about how the tooth fairy doesn't give money for teeth kids pull out for money. She has no need for those and won't come get them and won't leave money. The tooth has to fall out when it's ready!

He still has that tooth! And when it does come out it's not worth $5. It will probably be a golden dollar or 50 cent piece! What does the tooth fairy do with those teeth anyway?

Check out his exciting video.....

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER