Easter 2009

We spent Easter in Grand Rapids this year. But before we went Carson made Easter Basket treats to give to the neighborhood kids - Hint: Strawberry Marshmallows make the best rice crispy treats!


Step one of making Easter basket treats

Dayne watched from the sidelines

step two - put on the handles

Step three - fill with jelly beans

DONE! Plus a licorice bunny


For someBUNNY special

Snack time!

Dayne in Spring

what is this green stuff?

hey, look at that cute boy

want to play?

Carson home from school

Carson taking Dayne for a walk

this is my shy look

Up North - Carson riding the go cart

He's a great driver

Dayne on the farm ready to go out and play

Daddy took Dayne for a slow easy ride around the barn

Easter tradition - coloring eggs

Dayne just wanted to play with mommy's shoes

back to work on all those eggs

love the tongue out when thinking hard

Liddy getting in on the fun!

Aunt Tracy and Carson getting fancy!

Even Star Wars has eggs

Cyber - what are they doing up at the table - let's just hang out here

Grandma Judy firgued out how to get those rappers to shrink - BOIL the water!

Dayne staying far away from Egg-land

A dog - and a cat!

Can I come up there too?

nice kitty

too cute

grandma spotting Dayne so he doesn't fall

Hey Russel!

Liddy is serious about that egg! Go Liddy!

The Easter Bunny was here!

The boys discover the gifts from the Easter Bunny

Daddy cuddling Dayne

The only picture we got at church

on an egg hunt

found some

Daddy helping Dayne

what's all this?

boys opening eggs

Hey, let's take a picture with daddy. Dayne thinks NOT

Earl thinks if you can't beat them... join them!

Apparently he just wanted down!

Boys with mommy

Family photo - Easter 2009

Boys with Grandpa Carson and Grandma Judy

Look.... MORE Easter treats!

And for Dayne too!

Family gathers

Time to eat!

Hey Grandpa, I want some too

More treats from Marie and Curt and Nicole

Learning to drink from a wine glass - no worries, just water