Disney World ~ Day 5 May 2, 2006

Day 5 ~ Tuesday

It's our last day in Florida and I'm so sad! I don't want to go home! Let's just board ship and go on the cruise! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Oh, well, if it must be our last day, let's make the most of it!

We had breakfast at our hotel and I hit the gift shop for those must have souvenir items and Carson did a hat fashion show (see below).

We checked in for our flight and checked our bags at the hotel which was so nice and relaxing vs. waiting at the airport.

Once we gathered our carry on items and left the room we headed to the pool for some final relaxation.

Carson even went down the waterslide all by himself!

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a Margarita by the pool before we grabbed the bus to the airport!

It truly and most definitely was a very Magical vacation and Carson's sick of hearing it, but I very wish we were still at Disney World! Let's do it again!


P.S. We have to give a special Thank you to Grandma Judy for watching our House while we were gone. Since it rained everyday at home we could be at peace on vacation knowing you were there so we didn't come home to another flood! Thank You so much!! Have fun in Ireland!