Disney World ~ Day 4 May 1, 2006

Day 4 ~ Monday

Magic Kingdom! This IS Disney World ~ Classic!

We took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then we waited for the Monorail. Carson, being a transportation enthusiast noticed the train in disguise! He would see it and proclaim "Monorail!" I had read that you could ask to sit up front so we did ask and with a little longer wait had the opportunity to do just that. Carson was the co-pilot and has the license to prove it!

After we made a loop around the monorail we headed into Magic Kingdom. Stopped off at the Bakery on Main Street for Breakfast and then headed to Mickey's Toon Town Fair. That's were we found the steam engine. This time we opted for a ride in the caboose and at a stop Carson was asked to announce "All Aboard" which he did and all the riders cheered!

We spent the entire day soaking in the Florida sun (and we have/had the burn to prove it!) and all the magic that Disney has to share. It was truly a "Magical" day!

Sitting in front of the monorail

What a view!

Happiest Celebration on Earth!

Walking Main Street

Train enginer band!

Main Street opening!

Breakfast at the Bakery

My, I mean Cinderella's castle

Toon Town

Minnie's house

Minnie sure likes cheese

Mickey's bedroom

Mickey's game room

Grandpa never grew a pumpkin like this!

Mickey Mouse and Carson

There's Pooh again



Riding the caboose on the steam train

Earl and Carson riding Dumbo


Parade time! Mickey


Snow White


Mary Poppins

Prince Charming & Cinderella


Carson cooling off at a water spritzer

Now, next we should go to...

Snack time!

Jasmine & Aladin

Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow! Carson loved this ride in Tommorrow Land.

I think this was his dinner!

Ah, me with my castle and yes, I chose for them to light it purple!

Carson and a Cast Member spelling Mickey with tape before the night parade

Mickey during the night parade

Cinderella in her coach with the prince