Disney World - Day 2 April 29, 2006

Day 2 - Saturday morning

I had Breakfast with Jill, CEO of Tastefully Simple. Well, me and the 429 other consultants who earned the trip! We had a special visit from the Big Cheese...Mickey Mouse! How fun was that?!

After Breakfast I returned to my room to pick up the boys and head for Disney MGM Studios.

This is one of my favorite parks and I had waited 8 1/2 years to go on my favorite ride...Tower of Terror! There were also some new rides and attractions since our Honeymoon visit, so we took those in as well.

We stayed until the park closed with our last event of the day being dinner with "Aunt Jan" at the 50's Prime Time Diner. The atmosphere is so fun...right out of a 1950 sitcom. We were called to the table by a "mom" type person who announced "Berglund kids, time to eat" We were instructed to set the table and that proper manners were expected! "Aunt Jan" (our server) introduced us to our "cousins" from Michigan (the people at the next table. We cleaned our plates so we got to look at the dessert menu (see the photo below for that). I got a phone call during dinner and "Aunt Jan" took the phone and told the caller that I couldn't talk during dinner! It was so much fun!


Breakfast Buffet! Do you see Mickey?

Mickey Mouse and Jill, Tastefully Simple CEO

I won the centerpiece!

Me, Jill and my friend Stacey

Me & Stacey

Tastefully Simple treated us to Mickey Mouse Rice Crispie Bars

Such a nice sharing boy!

Carson didn't want the Chocolate part so we helped him with that.

Carson & Earl outside MGM

Oh, I'm so excited to ride...Tower of Terror!

Beauty and the Beast was so good! I loved those dresses

Rock'n Roller Coaster! 0-60 in like 3 seconds! WOW!

Bottom right corner...that's me during a drop on Tower of Terror!

Botton right corner...Earl on Tower of Terror

Carson lunching on his Mickey plate. So cute!

Carson & Me in New York!

"Leaf" yep, that's a leaf Carson found and made his friend for the whole day! He didn't ask for one item in a gift shop all day!

Grab your 3D glasses and check our Kermit the frog!

Have you seen my stroller?

Darth Vader!

Sitting on my stoop in NYC

Lights, Motors, Action stunt show! Cool.

The boys enjoying the stunt show

Popcorn snack break

Ittsakadoozle! or something like that. Big popcicle!

Can't do Disney without a Mickey Ice Cream bar

Cookie ice cream sandwich.

Dusk at MGM

Waiting to be called to Dinner at 50's Prime Time Diner

Carson setting the table

at "home"

Carson is checking out the dessert menu. There were pictures of the desserts and you had to look at them with a view finder.

Earl making a selection

does it look like the picture?

50's artifacts!

hanging out in the kitchen

the lounge

the front counter