Dayne Birthday Gifts

We did a little photo shoot of Dayne with his new outfits - sorry if what you gave Dayne didn't make it - it's hard to change a one year old over and over and over again! THANK YOU to EVERYONE for your generous gifts for Dayne's 1st Birthday!

Thank you Uncle 'Dude' Greg for the Awesome outfit all the way from Las Vegas

yes, I'm cool!

These are shorts?

Look at me!


Thank You Grandma Jan for the fun new clothes!

here I come

check out my swanky outfit

Hey look at my new toy - Thank You Carson

Johnson Family - Lovin' my new duds! My mom IS hot!

Watch this - if I turn it something might happen


Raise your hand if bloomers are comfy!

too cute in the butt

Thank you SF Veire's for thinking of me and buying George on your trip to Florida

I'm too cute!

Wearing George - holding George!

Don Ho? Is that you?

No, it's Dayne!


Thank you Lake Veire's for the Super Summer outfit adn the phone - he's calling for a date

Who will I get to talk to?

Is this thing working?

Another wonderful summer outfit!

Thanks cousins Ellie & Don - for the clothes and the Awesome Elmo!

let me read this

Berglund Beach Boy set to go! Thank you St. Michael Veire's for the swimsuit, towel and toys

pail - check

balls - check

ready - set -

GO! George on the run! Thank you God mom Chelsey for my fun outfit from your vacation in Florida

what's this?

I bet if i pull this tab it will shoot out and that would be fun!

He's ONE!