Dayne Adoption Day

September 25, 2008

Today we went to court to finalize Dayne's adoption. In Minnesota the child has to be in your home for a minimum of 90 days to finalize the adoption, due to scheduling of required post placement visits with our agency, paperwork (and repeated trips to the notary), and waiting for the Wright County court administration to issue us a date in court we are finalizing 6 months post placement!

The finalization is the last step (probably why they call it finalization) to make Dayne's placement in our home legal. Today his last name officially becomes BERGLUND and he is forever our son.

It's a very simple hearing. We were called into the court room and told we had the best Judge for adoptions. The bailiff said "All Rise" and we rose. Then we were seated. Earl and I raised our right hands and swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! The Judge shared with us that he is also adopted. How neat is that? He enjoys doing the adoption hearings - I'm sure it brings smiles and laughter to the courtroom that in general is not a very happy place! After the questioning he invited us to come up behind the bench to watch him sign the adoption decree. He asked Carson if Dayne was a good baby and Carson said Yes. Then Carson offered up the fact that he's a good big brother to which the Judge said "That's great young man, but you are telling the wrong guy, I'm not Santa Claus." He was such a nice guy.  We told the Judge that Carson was afraid he would bang the gavel too loud, be he informed us that he didn't even have a gavel...hmmmm, there but always be order in his court! When it was done Carson said "That's it? It's over? That was fast!" that got a big laugh from the court staff who enjoyed our little man with the big personality! Dayne what will this brother teach you?!

Joining us for the big day were my mom Grandma Jan, my nephews Austin and Jacob, and Earl's cousin Marie (or Maureen to Carson!). Thanks for being there with us! Grandma Judy and Grandpa Carson were sad to miss the big day but were with us in thought.

After court we had an early dinner at TJ's to celebrate. Thanks mom!

It's hard to know how to feel about this day. Yes, it's the day that it all becomes legal and law abiding, but we feel that the day Carrie and Ed chose us to be Dayne's parents and placed him in our arms and our hearts was as official as it ever needed to be! We are thinking of you both today and always and keep you both in our prayers.

Below is the day in photos (thanks for taking these Marie!) Click on the photo to enlarge

Big Brother and Little Brother waiting to be called into court

Carson was cracking up the Judge

Signing the Adoption Decree

It's Legally Official!

Our Court Crew!

Berglund Family

Little Brother Big Brother

Each boy got a "Being a Good Brother" gift

Dayne a new sqeeky chewy noisy toy and Carson a Webkinz Cat he named Happy

I Love You my sweet son!

My Happiness!