Dayne 6 months

Happy Half Birthday Dayne

or Dayners, Baby D, Dayney, The Brother, Happiness, Baby Love, Sugar Fingers ...just some of the names we find ourselves calling our sweet boy.

Dayne had his first food on his half birthday - delicious rice cereal was on the menu. He took a few bites that came back out and that was that. He's not so impressed. The cabinet is stocked with yummy vegetables that he will get to try soon. Stay posted for photos.

Carson isn't the only Berglund seeking the spot light. Dayne went on two casting calls this week. Both of course for Target. One was an all age general casting which Carson also took part in and then then next day I took Dayne for a baby casting. Quite interesting all the mommies (and some daddy's) with babies un-dressed down to diapers waiting for their number to be called. I'm thinking the producers of this shoot saw about 500 babies in the two day casting and if our sweet Dayne makes it will be a shocker (not that he's not amazing adorable because he is!).

We crossed many milestones from month 5 to month 6

- first roll from back to bell....he is now a master and uses his new skill to get anywhere he wants

- working on sitting up - can do it for about 3 seconds before tipping over

- two teeth - broke through on the same day

- eating first food - rice cereal

- moved out of baby carrier car seat to convertible big boy car seat - mommy not so sure about this move - we just did it today and haven't ventured out yet. What do I do with him when we are in places - church, the store, running errands, etc carry him the whole time? I think the carrier will be kept in the car and he'll have to transfer to that for a while - though he is getting very heavy in there!

Here are some photos of our precious one at 6 months old

Dayne loves "Cody Dog" that he got from great cousins Don & Ellie

wrestling Cody!

Cody is much loved with Dayne slobber!

A shot of the strawberry hemangomia's starting to break up

Carson made a huge Geo Track City

First bite of rice cereal

You wear it well babe!

Oh...what's this in my crib?

Under the sea toy is so interesting

Whee....tip back! Not quite sitting on his own yet