Day out with Thomas 2008

Peep Peep...Thomas in coming down the tracks! And yes, once again, we were there to greet him!

I knew someday the time would come when Carson wasn't "into" Thomas as much as he used to be and we are getting there. He almost didn't want to go to Day out with Thomas, but mommy was not ready to give it up just yet! Carson decided that he DID want to go and he wanted mostly to take Dayne on his first real train ride. He was very excited when we got there and wanted many, many items in the gift shop. He still loves Thomas.

This year the event was held in Lakeville, MN. It was just me and the boys without daddy as following Thomas we were heading to Ivanhoe for Polish Days and Earl was going up North to help his parents bail hay. We missed having Daddy with us.

Welcome to Day out with Thomas

2 boys looking for a train

They have the coolest activites set up

Ah yes, the gift shop!

Please mom!

Did I say he wasn't into Thomas any more? hmmm

Oh please mommy!

Dayne was content with a paci

Fun playing

The Video Lounge

Thomas Tattoo

Now, that's a Lego Thomas

I wish I could build that!

Water fun.

Big Jumper Slide

I wish we could buy these stamps

A view of the set up

it wasn't too crowded

Carson where are you?

Can you find your way out?

Every year we take his picture by this and he is getting so tall!

Dayne...what do you think of all this?

More sliding fun

Ticket to ride! (a bit blurry...I was juggling 2 bags, 2 boys and who knows what else!)

There he is...THOMAS!

All Aboard!

Ready to ride!

Dayne is excited! Thank you brother for bringing me!

Chugging down the track

Nice photo Carson!

Showing the train car

There was even an upstairs

Baby Dayne along for a ride!

Carson and Thomas

Dayne and Carson with Thomas

Thanks for a fun ride Thomas

Hello Sir Topham Hat

The official Day out with Thomas train car

Dayne got a new cup

What do I do with this thing?

Happy Day Thomas!