Day Out With Thomas

August 5th we went to Duluth to spend the day with Thomas the Tank Engine.

If you know Carson at all, you know he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES trains. This event was incredible and what an opportunity for Carson to have a ride in Annie the passenger car while Thomas pulled us on a ride!

While in Duluth we also took some fun down at the Harbor.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Family Photo over looking Duluth (it kind of looks like the Island of Sodor where Thomas lives!)

We're here! Waiting for Thomas to arrive!

Doesn't Carson look excited! He really was, but overwhelmed. I don't think he could believe he was riding in Annie's car being pulled by THOMAS!

Even the Conductor stopped by to say hi to Carson


Thomas, Carson and Daddy

Thomas, Carson and Mommy

What a GREAT day!

Tada! Down at the harbor, just like Thomas!