Christmas letter 2008

Hi, I'm Dayne J Thomas and I've been given the duty of filling you all in on my family over the past year. So, let's begin with me! I was born on March 19, 2008 and met my new family on March 20th. They seemed super happy that I was going to be their son and baby brother and I love them too... they like to kiss and cuddle me! I'm almost 9 months old now and I've blown my family away with my baby skills. I crawl and pull my self up and walk along things and like when someone will take my hands and walk me around. I love to play with my big brother and think it's interesting to watch "The Carson Show". I'm a big eater and will put anything in my mouth. My mom and dad say I eat more than Carson! I like to get up in the night just to remind everyone that I'm here! If I haven't met you yet come visit me as I'm pretty darn cute! So cute my mom is trying to make me a model! I haven't gotten a job yet, but she's taken me to a couple of castings.

This is my big brother Carson. He goes to school everyday, all day, and must be in the 1st grade because he is reading books all the time. He also likes to do math problems which I don't think is a skill he got from mom because I hear she hates math. Carson has all these little colorful pieces of plastic bits around and if I could I would like to put them in my mouth. But mom and dad make sure I can't get near them. I think they call them Legos and from what I can tell Carson likes them a whole lot. Mom is making Carson a model too and he did a photo shoot for mommy's favorite store Target. Watch your mail for a little red coupon book coming out very soon. Carson will be the boy with a red hat. Carson likes to watch WordWorld on the box that has pictures that move and he holds this little black thing in his hand and bounces around on the couch while making things move on the big screen on our wall. I think that's called TV and Video games. He likes Webkinz too and sometimes lets me touch his animals if I'm not drooling. He still likes trains and I can't wait to get my hands on those - we seem to have alot of them!

There is this big guy in my house and I call him da-da. He likes to play with me and give me baths and feed me my dinner. We wrestle and he teaches me how to climb steps. When I was born there was a snowstorn and I heard daddy say that he was more excited about me than going for a ride on his snowmobile...whatever that is. Before I was born daddy and some family and friends took a trip out West to ride his sd. He dreams about that alot so I think he must have had a great time. I hear him planning for another trip out west this year. I'm going to stay home with mommy because I don't like car rides. Lots of time daddy works from home and when he does go to the United Health Care office it's not too far away. He has lots of machines in his office that I would like to pound on. I think they are called computers. He says he's working on them, but when I see him it sure seems more like fun than work. Maybe he's multi-tasking which is what I do when I play and poo at the same time!

This is my mommy. She sure does love me and calls me her "Baby Love" and her "Happiness". We get to spend all day together while Carson is at school. Our favorite activity is singing and taking naps. Sometimes I get to help mommy in her office where she has boxes and bottles of some foods that look Tastefully Simple. I hope to get a sample of them soon. Before I was born mommy took 2 trips to Las Vegas. The first time to drive with my Uncle Greg to California to watch my cousin Chad in the Rose Parade and then she flew to Las Vegas again to play a dice game she likes, called Bunco! While she was there the second time she was waiting to hear if my birth-parents chose her to be my mommy but she had to wait and wait and when daddy and Carson picked her up at the airport Carson got to tell mommy that I was on the way. She cried happy tears. She says being the only girl in a house full of boys is all she has ever known and it's just as it should be.