Christmas in St. Michael 2008

Before we leave for our extended families for Christmas we do our little family at home.

It has become a very nice tradition of ordering Chinese food for dinner and open our gifts from each other.

Carson was SO very excited to get dinner done and get opening! Dayne could have cared less!

Carson was so excited for Dayne to open this gift he "made"

Carson gave mommy a hand decorated cookie jar

He was so excited to give it to me

Dayne helping me unwrap my new dust buster

Yeah - it's purple!

Carson giving daddy the gift he picked out

Oh Daddy's note pad

Dayne opening a gift from Carson

Again, Carson is excited

Carson got a new DS and Dayne gave him this bag to carry it in

Daddy got The Office Game (yes, he knew it was upside down)

Another gift Carson chose for Dayne

Carson giving his gift for mommy

Oh a pretty ornament

Thank You Carson

Dayne liked to be in the action - where there was paper to eat!

Another ornament chosen by Carson

He's so excited to give this year

Dayne using the teeth approach to unwrapping

Seems to be super excited about the baby leap game

Dayne playing this his new ball

Trying to take a family self photo - take one

take 2

take 3

take 4 - that's as good as it gets!

Sweet Baby Dayne

Hmmm...Christmas is fun!

These were taking with the different camera - so will be out of order but that's ok!

Dayne eating Chinese for Christmas dinner

Carson climbing the fence to get out gifts

Back in for more

Can I open this?

What will it be?

YEAH! A Geo Trax Air Port

Yummy paper!

Oh yes!

Oh Thank You Mommy!

What out daddy I'm coming to hug you down!

Dayne's thinking - what's the big deal?

Can I open more?

Mommy open this one from me!

Dayne's not interested in new toys and off to play with the old ones

What could it be?

Ok, gift 2 for Carson

Dayne helping

Oh yes! A DS!

This is the picture of Christmas Excitement!

Dayne takes a candy cane break

Gift #3

A DS game

The gift from Dayne

Brotherly love

My favorite new ornament - Berglund Brothers

Carson playing his new DS

The snow looked pretty drifted in the upper window

Happy Holidays!

in red too!

Bucket of Christmas books for reading in the spirit of the season

The Tree 2008