Christmas in Ivanhoe 2008

Our first stop in the "Tour of MN Christmas Adventure" was Ivanhoe for Veire Christmas

Greg was not able to be there (missed you Uncle Dude) but the rest (19 of us in all) were able to gather at home.

There was brief discussion about moving the festivities to St. Michael this year, but Chad, or traditionalist wanted to be at Grandma's (so did I Chad!)

Here is the fun we had...

Riley & Carson

God Bless you Chelsey

What were you doing Chad? "The Blessing" ?

That's better

A gift for Grandma

Chelsey opening her gift from Taylor

Chelsey says "Thank you Taylor"

Molly opening her gift from Logan

Molly says "Thank You Logan"

Grandma's new ornament with all 10 grand kids


Logan opening his gift from Dayne

Logan says "Thank You Dayne"

Austin opening his gift from Molly

Austin says "Thank You Molly"

Jacob opening his gift from Riley

Jacob says "Thank You Riley"

Taylor opening her gift from Jacob

Taylor says "Thank You Jacob"

Carson telling Riley that he bought his gift with his very own money

Riley says "Thank You Carson"

Carson opening his gift from Chelsey

Carson says "Thank You Chelsey"

Dayne opening his gift from Austin

Dayne says "Thank You Austin"

Heidi's gift from Michelle

Earl's gift from Mike

He was doing video at the same time

Mike's gift - he likes yellow

Tami's gift from Chad

Tami says "Thanks Chad"

Chad's gift from Greg

Grandma thought it had blood stains on it!

Scott opening his gift from Earl

Boat lights and a gift card for Cabela's!

Scott says "Thanks Earl"

Michelle opening her gift from Heidi

Oh I love it! A new family ornament!

and jewels!

Carson thanking Grandma for a gift

Grandma and Chad

Chelsey thanking her God parents

Carson thanking his God father

Carson thanking his God parents

and again!

God father Mike helping Dayne open his gift

Another thank you hug from Carson

Our God daughter Taylor opening her new pj's

She likes footy pj's

Carson thanking God dad Chad

Dayne eating a letter from his name

Grandma with a new Jacks shirt

Carson with his new Cub Scout ornament from Grandma

Chelsey opening a gift

Oh Wow!

Thank you Grandma!

Carson gave his God dad Chad the world! A world shower curtain for his new house

God mom Chelsey reading her not from Dayne

He gave her red heart pants - he loves her

Uncle Mike still helping Dayne open gifts

He's got a lot to open

Paper is good to eat!

Grandma had an ornament made for Chelsey to remember her summer with the colorguard in the Colts

Isn't it so cute!?

Grandma opening her new machine to record DVD's from VHS

Dayne still opening gifts

Berglund Family

St. Michael Veire Family

Mike & Heidi, Jacob holding Nikki, Austin

Lake Veire's

Scott & Tami

Riley, Taylor, Logan

Sioux Falls Veire's

Jeff, Chelsey, Cami, Chad, Molly

Grandma Jan with her 10 Christmas Angels!

Crazy Cousins!

Grandma with Dayne - his first Christmas

Our Little Deer!

Carson putting out the food for the Reindeer

Writing a letter to Santa to leave my the cookies and milk

4 boys stocking ready for Santa's visit

Christmas morning!

Carson's gifts from Santa

Austin's new Lego

Dayne's gifts from Santa

Hi Baby Jesus

Hello Santa

Too Sweet!

Lego central!

We light this candle when we our family gather.

It ways "May my light shine forever in your heart.

We miss you dad

Baby Molly having lunch

What a nice big sister to feed her

The boys are STILL playing Legos

A visit from Linda Guza!

Chelsey tossing her baby Dayne

Little stinker wanted something on the table so he climbed up to get it!

The Reason for the Season. Notice how baby Jesus has his arms streached out? He is a gift for all

Looks like the first Veire's station

Grandma and Dayne having lunch before we head for home