Christmas in Ivanhoe 2007

The first leg of our Christmas tour of Minnesota was to Ivanhoe and the Veire Christmas. This year mom had a new kitchen and the wall between the dining room and living room had been removed which meant for the first time we were all at one long table (actually about 5 tables pushed together!) Dad would have been so proud the sit at the head of that group. We know he was with us!


For the first time in years all at one table

Had to knock out a wall to do it!

Kid end

Nice buns Earl

Speaking of buns...that is all Carson ate for Christmas dinner

Austin and Logan helping clean up...what is their motive! Gifts?

Carson thanks Chelsey for the gifts

Riley thanks Molly for the gifts

Taylor opening

Taylor thanks Chad for the gifts

Jacob thanks Riley for the gifts

Austin opening

Austin thanks Carson for the gifts

Logan opens

Logan thanks Austin

Molly needs a drink break from all this opening


Molly thanks Taylor

Chelsey opens (I want that top)

Chelsey thanks Jacob

Chad opens

Chad thanks Logan

Grandma got an SDSU jacket for the Rose Parade. She's very happy!

The kids gave grandma gifts for her new kitchen

This sure is grandmas place

Carson thanks Godmom Tami

The Veire kids check out mom and dads book from Godson Carson. Disney trivia. Going for 5th trip to WDW Veire's?

Chad's dorm ornament

Scott checking out pj tay new jammies

What girl doesn't need bunny slippers?!


Thank you godparents Scott and Tami!

Austin unwraps his box from grandma

Taylor into her box

Logan rips away

Riley finds his woopie cushion!

Carson can't wait to get into his box

Chelsey doens't even wrap all the paper!

Molly shows her softball ornament

Yes! Legos!

Train ornament

Chad gets a fun new toy

fun new toys

Where's Carson!

10 Christmas together!

HEY! I'm in another picture. Who had my camera?

New dishes! Thanks mom

So much room in here now

Carson dragging his loot box

Grandma is still unwrapping

hey, a bus to the casino

Chelsey got a tattoo!

Now we are going to play the Theme Gift game. We brought a $2 gift that had something to do with Minnesota. Carson did not want anyone to take his box

nice pinecone molly

Wrapping is worth everything. Due to it's outer appreance this was a hot gift to steal Chelsey and mom are checking it out

Cami steals it away

Earl...that's the gift you brought! (he didn't know of course becasue I wrapped it!)

Time to open...Carson's was Old Dutch chips. He was happy and shared!

That pretty gift was a fly swater and ice scraper. MN winter and summer

MN lottery ticket and north woods tree air freshener

3M note pads (a MN company) Molly very excited!

Carson wanted to sleep by all his new Legos

Next day - time to put them all together!

Big Molly with baby Molly

Daddy with his "pretty girl" Jeff and Chelsey

The day to relax!

Still building

Carson putting out reindeer food for Dasher, Dancer, Pracer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph

Treats for the Big Guy!

Carson dictated and daddy wrote the note to Santa

The beautiful stocking Crystal made for Carson

Santa was here!

He ate the cookies and drank the milk

Carson discovers his gifts

grabs the stocking first thing

Shows grandma the note and Santa drew a santa face on it.