Christmas in Ivanhoe

After a night stop at home we headed South to Ivanhoe to celebrate with the Veire's.

Greg was home from Las Vegas for the first time in more than 5 years so we were all excited to see him.

We enjoyed all our favorite Christmas traditions check out the photos for details.


Grandma teaching Molly how to make her famous buns

Chad and uncle "Dude"

Mike making buns

Grandma doing what she does best!

Molly & Taylor making Wreaths...Chelsey's sneaking in to grab one!

Boys working together

Let's Eat!

Logan, Jacob, Molly and Austin

Riley, Taylor and Carson

Jeff are those ribs as good as Dad use to make?

Chelsey and her boyfriend Dustin with Earl

Merry Christmas!

I got to sit down and dine!

A Valentine Tradtion...Red Cake, was a new Christmas dessert

Chelsey thanks Taylor

Chad thanks Riley

Riley thanks Molly

Molly thanks Jacob

Twin shirts!

Isn't that the truth!







Chelsey's VERY FAVORITE gift of all this Christmas...her very own plate of Wreaths!

Proof did get a wreath!

Mom and her kids

Grandma and the Grandkids

The Whole Gang!


It's snowing!

oh, there is Rudolph!

New toys to play with

Thank you Ben!