Christmas in Grand Rapids 2008

Our next stop on our Holiday Tour was Grand Rapids, well, actually we did come home for one night to break up the trip since Dayne still hates to travel!

The Berglund Family Christmas was up next and as always the house was full and memories were made.

Red Shirts and Blue Jeans take 1

take 2

take 3

and 4

Grandpa is finally looking my way!

Carson having his cheese pizza

Lefse and pizza!

Delicious pizza dinner

Carson couldn't wait and got to open a gift

A horse webkinz from Grandma Judy

He named it Dandy in memory of Grandma's horse

Carson giving Grandma a gift - horse lights

Carson giving Grandpa a gift

A cap with lights built in

A gift from Grandma

A gift for Dayne and Carson

A gift from Aunt Tracy

A gift from Lisa

Dayne with a new book

A thank you hug for Grandpa

Nicole helping Dayne open gifts

and more gifts

and more

Dayne wanted down to get the paper

Grandpa gave Carson a new cap and a flash light

Go Vikings!

Carson giving Grandpa a gift he picked out at the Children's Shopping Mall - a stuffed dog

Yeah! Craft Supplies!

Getting ready to play the dice game

Wrong bottle Dayne

Oh Oh!

don't worry, he didn't drink any!

Where's Dayne?

Grandpa was getting all the gifts

Dayne is getting lost behind gifts

Now Tracy has all the gifts

Grandpa got all the gifts of lights

Dayne was excited

The yearly cousin pick

Earl, Tracy, Lisa and Marie (FYI - Marie is the oldest!)


Earl entertaing Lisa while we try and gather EVERYONE in the family for a photo

Yes, Lisa you do have to claim him as your cousin

Come on and get in the photo

Hurry Earl is getting crazy

Auntie Karen on her way

Marie on deck

find a spot

Sit down grandma

Earl still at it

Lisa still wondering

Nicole's got Carson

Here comes Ed and Curtis

Ok here we all are!

how many will it take to get us all looking?

keep shooting Dave

Young cousins

Nicole holding Dayne, Carson and Curtis

Dayne trying to play with Tabby

The boys cuddled in watching tv.

Dayne has croup poor little fella