Carson is now 7 years old!

How time flies when we are having fun! 7 - how is he 7 years old!

On Sunday we had a great birthday party - the theme was Webkinz! There are no Webkinz Party supplies on the market, so I do want I also do and googled! Found some fun ideas and created my own. 11 friends joined Carson and a great time was had by all!

Tuesday - his actual birthday - I got to go to school and volunteer in the classroom and stay for lunch - Thanks Grandma Judy for watching Dayne!

Today - February 4th - this day is so special to us because this is the day that we got "The Call" that a baby boy had been born the day before and that Crystal and Ben had chosen us to receive him as our son. I still feel in the pit of my stomach the emotions that I felt that day. February 5th was the first day we met Carson - so for me Carson's birthday is a serious of days with lots of memories.

The party invitation

This was really cool in the dark - the mine where the kids searched for the hidden gems

Let the kids in on all the fun that was about to take place

Let's get started!

Webkinz Clothes!

Thanks Grace & Kate

Oh Wow!

Thank You Karis

Oh man what is it?!

Thank you Jack!

A Lego!

Thanks Ben

A Webkinz Frog!

Thanks Madison!

Thanks Evan!

Yes! Another Lego!

Thanks Jake!


Thanks Kailey

Love the wrapping!

Thanks David!

Silly String Rocks!

Thanks Paige!

The whole gang!

This year Carson wanted Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Carson!

Eating pizza, rootbeer floats, blue gak (jello) and cupcakes

Dayne woke up from a nap and wondered what was going on!

Time to go to the W Shop!

Wow I have 7 Carson Cash and there are 7 things for Sale - How cool is that?

Opening the gift from Grandma & Grandpa B

The Star Wars Lego MTT!!

Jumping for JOY!

Oh Thank You Grandma!

Birthday morning Donut with 7 candles

The MTT almost fully built

Carson passing out treats at school

Carson and Mommy at school

Carson's Birthday on the screen at school

Carson got to take a Lunchable Pizza for lunch

Opening a gift the night before his birthday

No Way! Jammies!

Every year Carson gets new pj's and wakes up on his birthday in new jammies

Doesn't he look like he grew overnight?

it's 6:30 in the morning and we look like it! But every year we have a picture with Carson's cake and since he didn't want a cake this year this is it

The treat Carson took to school - Blow Pops that said "Blowing Past Another Year"

Opening a new DS game

He was looking at Earl with such graditude and joy! Loves his Legos

All put together!

Carson and Daddy playing