Carson in Grand Rapids

July 2006

While I recovered from my Laser Eye Surgery and spent some time with Earl, Carson got to spend some time at Grandpa & Grandma Berglund. Every day I would call to see if he was ready to come home and he always said "No, not yet. Bye!"

Why would he want to come home! He was having so much fun at "Camp Grandma Grandpa"                          (check out the pictures for all the fun on the farm!)

I drove up to Grand Rapids on the Fourth of July to get him (5 days away from him I couldn't take another day!)


Picking Fresh Raspberries


Running with his dog Cyber

Grey one of the new kittens!

3 new kittens

Climbing hay bails in the barn

Riding Dandy

Grandma squeezed between two of her favorites Carson and Dandy

Grandpa caught a humming bird to show Carson

Aunt Tracy brought silly string

Press hard!

Got it!

Marshmellows from the campfire

Mommy came to get Carson and enjoy the 4th of July

Michelle, Russ, Grandma and the two Carsons

Another day...another horse ride (he rode Dandy everyday he was there!)

Tractor Boy!

Carson made fresh Raspberry jam and then packed a snack to bring to Grandpa who was haying

Grandma and Carson

The "Camp" Crew...Grandpa, Grandma, Cal & Cyber saying goodbye to "camper" Carson

One last sit on the tractor before we go