Carson 5th Birthday Party in Sioux Falls

While we were in Sioux Falls for Chelsey's Confirmation we celebrated Carson's birthday with the Veire families.

We got a room at a hotel so the kids could swim and then enjoyed cake and pizza in our "suite"

It was fun to have friends from Sioux Falls join us! As we haven't been able to celebrate Carson's birthday with them since we moved in 2004.

Unfortunately, Earl had to work and couldn't be with us. We hope to celebrate with the Berglund's up North soon.


Yep, it's another Thomas Cake. Birthdays 2, 3, 4 and now 5!



Time out for Hot Tub!

More Swim!

Grandma in the Hot Tub!

Art and Curt missing Earl!?!

Nola and Macey chatting with Cass

Hey, there is a pool here!

Pool Boy!

And more swimming

Can you smell the chlorine?

I can't think of more swim captions

Time for Pizza!

Welcome to our "Suite"

Yum-O Funyums

Chad and his buddys found room to sit in the hallway

Family and Friends gather!

We also celebrated birthday of Aunt Tami, Chelsey and her boyfriend Dustin, and Aunt Heidi. It's a birthdy blowout!


Silly Face!

So sweet!

Making a wish...he said..."I wish all-the-body was here"


Chad, did you help?!

Can I open presents now?

Thank you Chad!

Oh and a Nerf gun too!

A Whole Hand. Thanks SF Veire's!

Thank you S-T-L-T-R

Thank you Schupners!

Thank you Grandma Jan!

Thank you Jones!

Oh Thank you more Grandma Jan!

Chelsey & Dustin stopped by on their way to Winter Formal. You guys look GREAT!

Ohh la la look at the back!

Miss sweet!

Kara and Carson playing with his new toys. Macey wants to get in there too!

Ann & Carson cuddle

Ann & Carson lick the frosting!

Hey, who is that! Mommy in front of the camera...she was there!