Carson's 4th Birthday and Party

Carson turned Four Years Old on February 3rd. He woke up that day and announced "It's my birthday!" He was a lucky boy to have Grandpa and Grandma Berglund here to share birthday breakfast with him. Then his friends "Cake" (Kate) and Grace came over to help Carson celebrate his big day. That night we had a pizza picnic party with Grandpa and Grandma and Carson got to open some presents. He took phone calls day and night from family who called to say Happy Birthday. Carson responded "happy birthday" back to them and even sang Happy Birthday to cousin Molly. Apparently happy birthday is like Merry Christmas you say it back to each other!

On Saturday we had Carson's Birthday Party. Those who could attend were Grandpa and Grandma Berglund, Great Auntie Karen & Uncle Ed, Cousin Marie, Curt and Nicky. Uncle Mike & Aunt Heidi with cousins Austin and Jacob and friends Darren and Nichol. We ate and played and Carson opened presents. A good day indeed!

We missed our family who couldn't be here come. Hello Grandma Jan in Las Vegas with Uncle "Dude" & Aunt Larisa, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Cami with Chad, Chelsey and Molly and Uncle Scott & Aunt Tami with Logan, Taylor and Riley. And Aunt Tracy up North. We hope to see you all soon!

Ok, here are the pictures!

Birthday Boy!

New PJs! The night before his birthday he got to open new jammies to wake up in on his birthday!

4 year old!

Birthday Breakfast! Daddy went to the bakery to get Carson a special cookie!

Birthday with his girls doing a favorite activity...playdough!

Kate ("Cake") Carson and Grace

Happy Birthday Carson!

Lucky Birthday Boy got to play playdough again with Grandma Judy

He even looks older!

His birthday announced in lights!

Gasp! I got Rubberbands! (Don't think I'm crazy, he LOVES to play with Rubberbands)

YEAH! A Desktop Tape Despenser! Again, I'm not crazy! He loves to do projects and tape things.

Lego Cranky from Thomas the Tank Engine

A bag of presents from Grandma and Grandpa as big as Carson!

The Carsons!

The Cake

At the party (note, next house bigger kitchen!)

Gathered in the kitchen

More party guests

the boys are too busy to eat

Happy Birthday Carson!

Mommy & Daddy with their big 4 year old boy!

Daddy and Carson

Mommy and Carson

Getting ready to make a wish

Cake and Cousins Austin, Jacob, Curt and Nicky


The gift opening