Camp Spooky

Do you remember watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown? It would air sometime in the month of October just in time for Halloween.

My how times have changed. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown still airs one time a year, but it's also available on DVD and can be watched over and over and over again! Carson watched it several times EVERY day for the whole month!

We wanted to introduce Carson to Linus of the Peanuts gang. Carson loves his blue blanket that he calls "Conkie".

Now, since we are so close to Camp Snoopy and the Peanuts gang at Mall of America we made plans to attend Camp Spooky and par take in all the Halloween fun. Carson chose to wear his Costume from last year, Thomas the Tank Engine and it proved to be a great choice as he won 2nd place in the Costume Contest (I was quite a stage mom encouraging his waving and air kisses to the judges!)

Grandma Berglund was here for the fun too and Carson thanks her for the ride pass! We will use it all year when we visit the mall.

Shooting water with daddy

Flying the Red Barron plane

Grandma Berglund and Carson meeting Linus and sharing blankets

Getting ready for the Costume Contest!

"What is your name little boy? What are you dressed as?"

Waving at the judges (don't mind that mommy behinding coaching him!)

2nd place! Yeah!