Bunco Las Vegas 2009

Yes, I went AGAIN! Earl surprised me with a ticket to Las Vegas for a few days to play once in again the Bunco Tournament. I was reluctant to go, as the tournament was not being sponsored by Prilosec this year (check this out... http://www.prilosecotc.com/en_US/consumer/contests-and-fun/bunco-central/  yes, that is me as Lady Liberty ) but was being run by the World Bunco Association with no sponsor. I had a feeling it would be 'different' and not in a good way, but hey, it was a mommy get-a-way and so I went!

Had a great time with Mom and Greg, but as expect the tournament was mess (lack of effective planning and communication) but that was ok - we had fun. Mom made it into the Semi Finals... but didn't advance beyond that, but she got to play more BUNCO that I did! But, I got to be a Marshal (table judge) and that was alot of fun and I met some great people. Including the girl who won it all - the $25,000 prize!

I missed my boys like cRaZy! But they were in great care with daddy, Grandma Judy and Auntie Karen!

Las Vegas is always fun!

You see some cookey characters on the streets of LV

I should have bought this hat!

M is my letter!

Happy Polish Sausage Days!

Won't we be a pair at the ball park on Polish Days


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Mom at the Las Vegas sign

Greg, Mom and Me

My new Resort Casino - M

Salmon on the buffet - (yuck) but very nice presentation

Of course my M resort has a studio B buffet

Yep, another hat (didn't buy this one either)

Sprial esculator at Ceasers Palace - pretty cool

"Hey mom do you know who Jimmy Buffet is?" Answer: Singer, not a fisherman!

These signboard guys made me laugh


Trying to get NY behind me... didn't work

This makes me laugh so hard. Greg and mom waiting for the show Folies Bergere” to start. We were having a great time, really, but they don't show it


Let's Roll

Mom and I in the Jungle Safari theme

Spring at the Belliago

Mom at her favorite machine at MGM

Mom is in the Semi Finals!

Who will win?


Greg's back yard

Greg's pool

Mom relaxing

Mom, Roxy, Greg, Gunner

Doing dishes after dinner

Greg makes awesome turkey!

The welcome home sign from my boys! Mommy missed you!

Good times in LV!