Bunco Las Vegas

If you are a Berglund.net follower, you may have followed my trip to Las Vegas in 2007 for the Bunco World Championship. It was so much fun that I just couldn't miss out in 2008! I hemmed and hawed and debated on going. I know our adoption profile book was being show the day that I was flying out, but this was our 6th or 7th showing and I couldn't let "what if we are getting a baby soon" keep me home. This was officially the 3rd trip I took while we were waiting to adopt. So less than 2 weeks before the Bunco World Championship was taking place Earl booked me a ticket! I was going! I was scheduled to fly out on Thursday March 6th at 9:30pm. Like I said before, I know our profile was being shown that day. I had know for a couple of weeks that an expectant mom had a meeting at the Willmar office and she would see our profile. So, casually that day I called our case worker, Pam, and asked if we had been shown and she told me "Your profile in one......(long pause)....(I'm thinking she is going to say "not what she is looking for")....(seems like a dreadfully long pause)....then she continues...one she is really considering" WHAT?! (huge pit plants in my tummy). But I'm going to Las Vegas TONIGHT! Pam enjoys my sense of timing! But a decision has not been made and the baby isn't due for about a month so "go and enjoy" So, with cell phone fully charged (I had a dream that Pam called with the news and my cell phone battery died) I boarded a plane for LV.

Bunco as as much fun at last year. Even more fun since my Bunco Buddies Rhonda and Charlene, who I play with each month, were there too. Also my mom, cousins Ellie and Beth again from last year. This year there were 2000 players and 4 Heats. Rhonda and Charlene played in the Toga Heat. We played in Celebrity Bunco. I dressed as Ugly "Bunco" Betty. We didn't win bunco, but will someday! It's fun none the less! See the next photo gallery for the news I was waiting for (bet you can guess what happened!)

Ugly Bunco Betty leaving for Las Vegas!

Buncolajaro Baby!

Ellie and I playing BUNCO Slots!

Mom getting her name in for Bunco drawings

The Bunco Tent outside Ceaser's Palace

Me with Daisy the Bunco Lady

Hey Look! That's me from last year on the poster!

Mom and Ellie making a Breast Cancer memory square for the Buffington Cancer Fighters and Survivors

$25,000 game show spectachlor at the Hilton

Lucky Tickets?

Jodi and Greg hanging out

Mom and Ellie in Jodi's beautiful back yard

Fun finds while shopping

Greg and Jodi

Mom in Fabulous Las Vegas

Ellie with her favorite, Green M&M

Me giving Blue a high 5

Poptab purse...how cool!

Rhonda and Charlene Toga Queens!

Go Charlene!

Go Rhonda!

Let's Go Bunco!

Charlene got a BUNCO!

Rhonda got a BUNCO!

Rhonda got another Bunco!

The Bunco Crowd!

Rocky! The ring boy!

Toga Rhonda, Bunco Betty, Toga Charlene

Howie is that you with Bunco Betty?

Hannah Montana with Ugly Betty

Dolly Parton loves Bunco Too!

Hi Mom!

My Bunco Crown (I wish!)

Cruela Daville was at my table

Beth had her name drawn AGAIN this year, for the semi finals

Ellie, Me and Mom CHEESE

Charlene Me and Rhonda having a BUNCO good time!

Naomi Judd was the Celebrity Guest Host

Oh, there is my crown!

The gal who won $50,000! Good for her!

The Buffington Bunco Babes!

Thursday Night Bunco Babes with Rocky!

MN Bunco Babes with Rocky!

The Strip

Ohh La La...Dinner in Paris

Tiramisu, my favorite dessert

The sinks are so pretty in Paris

Bartender...set me up!

Thanks Greg! Vegas was a BLAST!