Berglund Christmas 2005

We spent the week before Christmas up North in Grand Rapids with the Berglund side of the family.

Earl and his dad put some miles on the new snowmobile, though we don't have a picture to prove it!

Can I open presents NOW?

PLEASE can I open Presents?!

Thank you Aunt "Tootsit" for the "sa-sheen" (machine)

WOW Lego Toby! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa

Auntie Karen can I help you open yours present?

Grandma look what we got for you! I'll help you!

Oh, I love books!

Did you hear about me at my concert? I had a solo! I'm a star!

Daddy do you like your new jacket? Does that say North Face?

Look at Mommy's pretty 'New York' earrings. Now if she could just get to NYC to wear them

Merry Christmas from the Berglund Family

Grandpa likes beer!

Curtis, Nicole and Marie couldn't be at Christmas when we were so they came to open presents at our house later.